All Alone: Coping With Loss and Loneliness

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book coverYou never thought you'd find yourself in such a lonely state. Maybe your best friend moved across the country or a loved one tragically passed away. Perhaps you're dealing with health problems after a life-changing diagnosis. In life, many situations can lead to an overwhelming sense of bereavement and loneliness, from the death of a beloved pet to the end of a long-term relationship.

In thirty years of clinical practice as a psychologist, Frank J. Machovec, PhD, has counseled and provided therapy to countless individuals facing loneliness and grief. But his greatest lesson on the subject was a deeply personal and painful one-the sudden loss of his wife after sixty years of marriage.

How is it possible to recover from such deep despair? It isn't easy, but with some time and effort, it can help you emerge a better and brighter version of yourself. In All Alone, Dr. Machovec combines knowledge from the worlds of philosophy, religion, and modern psychology, providing comfort and guidance for those who have found themselves suffering an unbearable loss.

So You Think You're Crazy?
Reassurance About Everyday Hang-Ups


book coverIn these hectic, 21st-century times, many worry if they have stepped over the line and acquired a mental disorder. Are you really crazy, or is what troubles you simply a normal variant of universal human behavior? What behavioral traits must you learn to live with? Which can you change? What can your dreams tell you about your behavior?

In his basic, down-to-earth primer, board-certified psychologist Dr. Frank Machovec describes mental disorders according to the latest diagnostic manual, past and current therapy techniques, and simple diagnostic tests to help you explore your thoughts and feelings. Even if you believe you are not that normal, this book can suggest ways for you to feel better about yourself and guide you in your search for professional help.


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